Telephony Timekeeping

How a HomeTrak Alert Saved a Caregiver

Watch the report by their local news station!

Did you know if you use HomeTrak’s telephony or GPS Check-In features, you can receive a text message if your caregiver does not clock in? Kimberly McCutcheon, owner of Home Helpers of Jacksonville in Alabama, has her HomeTrak system set up to text her if a caregiver hasn’t clocked in within 15 minutes of a […]

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Keeping Caregivers Accountable with Telephone Time Keeping

Time Sheet

Offsite workers are a necessary component of home care companies, and can come with their own set of unique challenges for managers. With client care and appointments clearly out of the office, employees report to various locations instead of desks, and therefore, verifying a caregivers’ whereabouts and work time can be difficult. These factors are […]

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Benefits of the Cloud in a Crisis

benefits of the cloud

When a major event, like a flood, fire, or hurricane, strikes, an agency’s first priority should be its clients, not whether or not its data is safe and secure. However, when a crisis emerges, paper files, time sheets and even computers, hard drives, and data are at risk. This is when agencies who use a […]

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