Telephony Time Keeping

The girl who has become addicted to the mobile terminalNo more timesheets

With client satisfaction and safety on the line, you need a foolproof way to record caregiver visits. Telephony is an electronic visit verification system that requires caregivers to call a toll-free number when they arrive at and leave a client’s home.

Using HomeTrak’s home care software means you can eliminate paper timesheets for good, while streamlining your billing and payroll.

Real-time, automated
time clock software

Caregivers use phone calls into the automated system as their way to punch in and punch out as if using a time clock. The system bases how long he or she worked on those clock-in and clock-out times. It also knows who the client is and how many hours to bill. If managed correctly on a daily basis, billing and payroll times can be reduced from hours to minutes. Along with those timesheets, hectic billing and payroll days become a thing of the past.


How electronic visit verification works

At the start of a shift, the caregiver:

  • Dials the toll-free number
  • Enters a personal identification number
  • Follows telephone prompts to indicate start of visit

At the end of a shift, the caregiver:

  • Dials the same toll-free number
  • Enters the same personal identification number
  • Follows telephone prompts to indicate end of visit


More than just telephony

Having a solid telephony system to act as your time clock software is key. What you may not realize is the importance of a system that handles both telephony and your scheduling.

With HomeTrak Companion, your telephony system will be tied to your scheduling system, which means you will:

  • Easily identify discrepancies
  • Be immediately alerted of no-shows
  • Leave no room for error when submitting any required reports

The days of entering in confusing clock-in and clock-out times are gone. This added level of accountability ensures that your caregivers are meeting your clients’ needs and are being accurately compensated for their time.


"The HomeTrak staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and responsive."

Coker Day, Owner/Founder, DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

"The HomeTrak staff gave us extensive attention to ensure the system was set up to meet our needs."

Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

"We have been using HomeTrak since the first day we started our company in July 2004."

Greg Scheck, Owner, Home Helpers, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

"Switching to HomeTrak was the best business decision we have ever made!"

A. Papa, Accounts Manager at a Home Care Agency, Lakewood, New Jersey