Integrated Texting

Automate your schedulingIntegrated Texting

With the power and convenience of texting, HomeTrak’s Smart Scheduling practically takes care of scheduling for you.

Handle your caregiver scheduling using only text messaging and HomeTrak! Send a text message out of HomeTrak about the shift you need to fill. Caregivers reply via text, which will automatically fill the schedule in HomeTrak with no action needed by the scheduler!

How it works:

  • Send caregivers text message notifications about open shifts using HomeTrak
  • Caregivers respond and accept schedules via text
  • Schedules are automatically populated based on caregiver acceptance


Remind your caregivers

It’s Friday and you are calling to remind all the caregivers who have a weekend shift. Between weekend activities and work, caregivers might forget about their schedules and that’s not the type of customer service you want to provide. There is a much faster and cheaper way to handle that: Caregiver Reminders.

Set up text reminders for the start or end of a shift in intervals from 5 minutes to 24 hours. Customize the text to the caregiver, as well as include information specific to a client.
If you choose to use HomeTrak’s integrated telephony system, you can also send text reminders to clock in and clock out of the HomeTrak Time & Attendance system.

Set as many reminders as you think they will need! Remind them about:

  • Upcoming scheduled visits
  • Clocking in
  • Clocking out
  • Missed clock-ins

Read a testimonial from a HomeTrak client who is freeing up 3 days per month by using Caregiver Reminders!


Simplify caregiver communication

With HomeTrak Chat, you can message your caregivers and office staff right from your desktop. Track and view text messages and all related responses.

Quickly communicate important notes and tasks to caregivers. Eliminate lengthy phone calls.

View a list of Caregivers and office staff with mobile phones, then send a single text message to any or all of them, right from within HomeTrak Companion.



"The HomeTrak staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and responsive."

Coker Day, Owner/Founder, DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

"The HomeTrak staff gave us extensive attention to ensure the system was set up to meet our needs."

Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

"We have been using HomeTrak since the first day we started our company in July 2004."

Greg Scheck, Owner, Home Helpers, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

"Switching to HomeTrak was the best business decision we have ever made!"

A. Papa, Accounts Manager at a Home Care Agency, Lakewood, New Jersey