GPS Check-In & Time Clock

Record visits in real time with GPS verification

The ability to accurately track your caregivers is an ongoing challenge.

Now you can use HomeTrak’s mobile app* to confirm that caregivers are showing up at the client’s home at the right time.

HomeTrak uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint a caregiver’s location. With a simple tap on a smartphone, a caregiver can use the GPS verification system to clock in and clock out for a shift at the exact time they arrive at, and leave, the client’s home.

This makes Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) more reliable than ever. When this information is automatically documented in HomeTrak, it also provides many other benefits for managing your business:

  • Replaces time sheets by tracking shift start and end times electronically
  • Streamlines billing and payroll by recording actual hours worked, ready for your verification
  • Documents regulatory and care plan compliance
  • Improves client satisfaction by promoting on-time arrivals


How the GPS time clock works

GPS Check-In works with devices that have GPS or Location Services enabled.

At the start of a shift, the caregiver:

  • Opens the HomeTrak app on a smartphone
  • Logs in with unique user name and password
  • Taps “Clock In” on the shift

At the end of a shift, the caregiver:

  • Opens the HomeTrak app on a smartphone
  • Logs in with unique user name and password
  • Taps “Clock Out” on the shift

You can set how many minutes before and after a shift is acceptable for a clock in and clock out. The caregiver must also be within a set distance of the client’s GPS location.


Provide better patient care

With our GPS time clock system, your caregivers will be held accountable to arrive on time and complete the tasks they are assigned. Clocking in and clocking out take just seconds so your client is top priority over paperwork.

Even better – use GPS verification along with electronic signatures on the HomeTrak mobile app. With a quick eSignature, the client verifies the caregiver was at the house for the entire duration of the shift, and completed all tasks to their satisfaction.




If your caregivers don’t have access to smartphones, telephony is a great alternative. Telephony offers the electronic advantages of GPS Check-In while requiring just a phone call from the client’s phone.

*GPS Check-In is an optional service. Setup fees and usage fees apply.

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Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

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