Powerful under the hood

HomeTrak takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Because technology changes rapidly, we consistently spend a considerable amount of time and resources on research and development. We leverage innovative technology and implement industry best practices and time-saving automation in our software, allowing you to market your agency and build your client base. This simplification of daily tasks will free you up to do what you do best – take care of clients.

Yet easy to drive

Home care software shouldn’t be daunting. Our product is easy to use because it has been extensively tested for user experience based on real-life scenarios you might encounter. Because we’ve been around the home care industry for more than two decades, we’ve learned a lot about the needs that come with running a home care agency. We’ve translated that experience into this software so your program was developed by people who have been in your shoes.



Replace timesheets with a phone call using telephony timekeeping. Your caregivers can easily clock in and out with a simple phone call.

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GPS Check-InGPS Check-In

HomeTrak uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint a caregiver’s location. With a simple tap on a smartphone, a caregiver can use the GPS verification system to clock in and clock out for a shift at the exact time they arrive at, and leave, the client’s home.

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Mobile AppleMobile Apps

Work from anywhere with our mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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HomeTrak Companion is compatible with many popular software programs so you can seamlessly handle billing, payroll, and other important functions.

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With cloud-based storage, you can feel confident your data is stored securely and you can access it anywhere.

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Integrated TextingIntegrated Texting

Use text messages to schedule, remind caregivers about schedules, and quickly communicate with the field.

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"The HomeTrak staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and responsive."

Coker Day, Owner/Founder, DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

"The HomeTrak staff gave us extensive attention to ensure the system was set up to meet our needs."

Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

"We have been using HomeTrak since the first day we started our company in July 2004."

Greg Scheck, Owner, Home Helpers, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

"Switching to HomeTrak was the best business decision we have ever made!"

A. Papa, Accounts Manager at a Home Care Agency, Lakewood, New Jersey