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HomeTrak Even… (Has Amazing Texting Features)

HomeTrak Texting

With mobile phones handling just about any daily task nowadays, we make sure that communicating with caregivers and scheduling shifts are no exceptions. Let’s take a look at how the texting features built in to HomeTrak can save you time and money while vastly improving communication between caregivers and office staff. Text Directly To A […]

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The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Home Care Software

cloud based agency software

Cloud-based home care software has many benefits and perks over traditional solely on-premise or solely cloud computing agency management programs. Using cloud-based software system means you and your staff can access information from anywhere, anytime. Having the on-premise component allows for more robust capabilities. This type of technology enables home care agencies to differentiate themselves […]

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The New Age of Home Care: Use Technology to Keep Pace with Change

home care software

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who first proposed that change is both central to the universe and constant. Yet, even though he identified this principle in ancient times, many of us still have trouble adapting to changes today. While change can present discomfort and the need to retool, it’s quite often a good thing. […]

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Let’s Get Technical: Older Clients and Technology

home care software system

As we mentioned in our last blog post, technology is becoming ubiquitous and a necessary part of home care. However, as the old saying goes, technology is great, when it works. For many older home care clients, computers, apps, devices, and even social media not only connect them to friends and family members who live […]

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Technology Improves Home Care in More Ways Than One!

home care management software

Healthcare technology is constantly and rapidly changing and improving. In recent years, devices, apps, and software programs have been introduced that help home care agencies keep up with the changing times and provide better, safer, more streamlined care to their clients. For example, motion sensors and alarms have been “game changing” devices for those with […]

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Technologies that All Seniors Can Embrace


As technology surges forward and becomes more and more user-friendly, people of all ages are beginning to embrace computers and other gadgets, like tablets and smartphones. Even older adults are getting in on the action. The number of seniors embracing technology is increasing, with over half using the Internet and owning cell phones and other […]

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There’s an App for That: Increased Use of Tablets and Smartphones in Home Care

Senior with Smartphone

Over the last decade, with the rise in usage and applications of the smartphone and tablet, the home care industry has increased its use of digital technology, not only as a part of caregiver training and scheduling, but as a part of client care and engagement for older adults as well. Take a look at […]

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