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A Match Made In HomeTrak

client-caregiver matching

Matching clients and caregivers requires getting to know them personally so you can make sure they will be compatible with each other. For the client to be comfortable and satisfied with the care they are receiving, the relationship must be a good fit on a personal level. You’ll also want to make sure that the […]

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The Heart and Science of Client-Caregiver Matchmaking

caregiver matchmaking home care software system

Matchmaking is defined as the process of bringing two people together – harmoniously. Home care agency managers find themselves in the role of matchmaker daily as they try to assign clients to caregivers in a way that serves the needs of both. In a busy agency, this process can cause even Cupid to lose heart. […]

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Sherlock Home Care: Being a Good Detective for Greater Client Satisfaction

Home Care Detective

No two clients are the same. Each client is different in many ways in both personal and physical needs. So when it comes to matching your clients with the caregivers they need, is your agency doing good detective work? The Assessment It’s important to understand that you’re not simply caring for a sick or frail […]

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