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Recipe for Success: Billing and Payroll in HomeTrak


For many home care agency owners, the words “billing and payroll” equal one huge monthly headache. It doesn’t have to be this way when you use HomeTrak. Especially with a feature we call Recipes. A Recipe is a configurable tool that allows you to perform multiple steps of processing a schedule through billing and payroll […]

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Nothing Impresses Customers & Referral Partners Better Than a Well-Oiled Home Care Agency

well-oiled home care management

In a world filled with endless options, creating customer and referral partner loyalty becomes increasingly difficult. Such is the case in the home care industry today. The crowded aging care marketplace offers potential clients multiple options for care, which means agencies must step up their game in order to impress and attract new clients and […]

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Stay Flexible: Reporting That Works For You


Being flexible is an asset, most especially in the home care industry. Your clients’ needs and your caregivers’ schedules are ever changing, which means that agencies and caregivers must remain flexible in order to meet the requests and needs of the clients. You often hear us tout the flexibility in scheduling that makes HomeTrak the […]

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Reducing Caregiver Stress Over the Holidays

Caregiver Stress

As we mentioned in our last blog post, the holidays are a busy and often stressful time for home care agencies. And when things are hectic for your agency, that stress often gets passed along to your caregivers. Your caregivers are the lifeblood of your agency. They’re the face of your company each day that […]

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Agency Financial Management: Improve Billing and Tracking

Tracking Home Care Billing

An agency’s cash flow is arguably one of the most important aspects in terms of keeping the agency functioning and retaining a good, solid staff. As such, your billing and tracking procedures need to be up to par in order to keep money coming in. Having a person dedicated to bookkeeping is the first key […]

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