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Ready, Set, Grow! Knowing What to Measure and How So You Can Grow Your Home Care Business

home care business benchmarking

If we’ve learned anything about home care agency owners and operators in our time working alongside them, it’s that people come first. Client needs come first, supporting caregivers comes first, and doing everything it takes to run a business day in and day out comes first. What sometimes doesn’t come first and gets left behind […]

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Growing a Home Care Business: Setting & Achieving Goals

home care business software

In many ways, running a business is like parenting. Both businesses and children require a great deal of attention, motivation, discipline, patience, communication, and hard work. They both also require that goals, or milestones, be set so that growth and achievement can be measured. For children, milestones might include things like learning to ride a […]

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What Do Most Agencies Look For in Their Home Care Software? The 2014 Software BuyerView Report Has the Data.

home care software stats

Technology is a an ever-evolving field, as is home care, and when combining the two, it is important that agencies get the right product for their needs. Software Advice, a home health software reviewer, recently released its 2014 Home Health Software BuyerView Report that uncovers the top home care software buyer trends, including motivations for […]

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Stay Flexible: Reporting That Works For You


Being flexible is an asset, most especially in the home care industry. Your clients’ needs and your caregivers’ schedules are ever changing, which means that agencies and caregivers must remain flexible in order to meet the requests and needs of the clients. You often hear us tout the flexibility in scheduling that makes HomeTrak the […]

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