Better Sales Calls for Home Care Services

sales call home care

Successful sales calls are a necessary part of gaining clients for every home care agency. While it would be ideal to have all inquiry calls neatly scheduled, the reality is that calls can come in at any time; and your agency needs to be prepared when they do. The first call with the family member […]

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How Home Care Agencies Can Handle Sales Objections

sales objections

Rejection is inevitably experienced by every salesperson at one point or another. As a home care agency owner, there will be times when a potential client has reasonable objections to your sales pitch. Don’t get discouraged when this happens — instead, learn to counter common objections to your home care services and help turn the […]

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Close More Deals: How to Improve Your Lead to Customer Conversion Rate

Closing the Deal

No matter how long you’ve been at the helm of your home care business, you’ve likely come to realize that finding leads is the easy part compared to the challenge of converting them to clients. The home care field is growing at a rapid pace, and you are bound to experience an uptick in the […]

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What Should Assisted Living Facilities Know About Home Care

assisted living and home care

If you own an assisted living facility, you have likely encountered a number of seniors who need help with their daily tasks, but are hesitant to leave their home and all the memories they have there. This can present a problem for seniors, their families, and the caregivers trying to provide assistance. Seniors who live on […]

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Tips for Marketing A Home Care Agency: Building Strong Relationships

home care marketing

  With such strong emphasis on creating brand awareness through online advertising and other far-reaching media channels, it can be easy to forget about the members of your own local community. Do families in your community know about your home care agency, and if they do, what’s your reputation? How you answer these two questions […]

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How to Increase Referrals to Your Home Care Agency

home care referrals

    Increasing referrals to your home care agency is an integral part of growing your company into a successful business. According to the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study” conducted by Home Care Pulse (an organization which assesses and scores home care agencies throughout the United States), the top referral source (19.5 percent) for agencies […]

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Digital Marketing for Home Care Agencies

digital marketing for home care agencies

    While most contemporary home care agencies understand the importance of having a functional website, a significant percentage haven’t fully come to terms with the difference between having a website and having a website that performs at a high level. In today’s do-it-yourself technological climate, it seems easy enough to cobble together a website […]

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Inquiring Minds: How Much Should You Follow Up with Inquiries?

home care business management software inquiry calls

Inquiry calls are the first step to signing on a new client for most home care agencies, but how you handle those calls is of the utmost importance. In our previous blog post, Hook ‘Em: Getting In-Home Assessments from Inquiry Calls, we talked about how home care agencies can turn inquiry calls into those incredibly […]

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Make 2014 the Year for Banner Sales for Your Home Care Agency!

Home Care Sales

A new year brings with it new opportunities. Will you take the opportunity to make 2014 the year your home care agency sales go through the roof? Now that you know how to turn inquiries into assessments and how to build healthy referral relationships, let’s find out how to drive business right to your agency’s […]

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