A Match Made In HomeTrak

client-caregiver matching

Matching clients and caregivers requires getting to know them personally so you can make sure they will be compatible with each other.

For the client to be comfortable and satisfied with the care they are receiving, the relationship must be a good fit on a personal level. You’ll also want to make sure that the work style of the caregiver works well for the client, to set them up for success.

Determining personality fit is just half of it. Each client has specific needs, so the right caregiver has to have specific skills. For this reason, technology can play a huge part in making client-caregiver matching successful.

Some examples of these needs are:

  • Location – Where is the client’s home? Which caregivers are the closest and within a reasonable traveling distance?
  • Hours of care needed – Does the client need around-the-clock or overnight care? Which caregivers are willing and able to take these types of shifts?
  • Language and culture – What is the client’s preferred language, and which caregivers speak that language? Are there any customs that the caregiver will need to be familiar with or learn?
  • Physical needs – Does the client need transfer assistance? Which caregivers are physically able to provide such assistance, and which caregivers are trained to operate a hoyer lift?

HomeTrak’s home care software system provides the smart technology that allows agencies to make a great match every time.

When you hire a new caregiver, or as they gain new skills, you keep their profile updated in HomeTrak. Similarly, when you identify a new client’s needs, you can add them to their profile in HomeTrak…then let HomeTrak work its magic.

HomeTrak’s Caregiver Suggestion feature will find several suitable caregivers you can contact whenever you have a schedule to fill. They’ll be ranked based on how well their qualifications match up to the client’s requirements.

Caregiver Suggestion can also be used to email or text the selected caregivers informing them of the open schedule. Then easily keep track of how and when caregivers have been contacted, and which ones accept or reject the schedule.

While establishing relationships with all of your clients and caregivers to determine which personalities will work best together will always be an art, home care software like HomeTrak can take care of the science.

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