Inquiry Tracking

Inquiring Minds: How Much Should You Follow Up with Inquiries?

home care business management software inquiry calls

Inquiry calls are the first step to signing on a new client for most home care agencies, but how you handle those calls is of the utmost importance. In our previous blog post, Hook ‘Em: Getting In-Home Assessments from Inquiry Calls, we talked about how home care agencies can turn inquiry calls into those incredibly […]

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How to Answer “How Much Do Your Home Care Services Cost?”

Cost of Home Care

Because resources are limited, humans are cost-conscious beings. It’s in our nature to bargain hunt and find the best possible price for our goods and services. So, when it comes to shopping for home care, it’s no surprise that, though care may be absolutely necessary for an elderly loved one, and the quality of that […]

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Are You An Agency That Has All The Answers?

Questions and Answers

Allowing someone into the home to provide care is not a decision that potential home care clients take lightly. When researching home care options, clients have many questions. Does your agency have all the answers? We’ve talked about how agencies can turn inquires into assessments by responding to calls the right way. Here, we’ll explore […]

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Hook ‘Em: Getting In-Home Assessments from Inquiry Calls

Getting Assessments from Inquiries

Last week we discussed the importance of growing your agency and how a dedicated home care business management software, like HomeTrak, can grow with your agency as it grows. First though, agencies must get clients in the door in order to grow, which means you’ve got to hook potential clients from the get-go when they […]

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Managing the Holiday Reality Check

Home Care Inquiries

The holidays tend to be a very busy time for home care agencies. When families gather together to celebrate this time of year, many find themselves facing what’s known as “the holiday reality check,” or the realization that Mom, Dad, or another older loved one is in need of help at home. While many family […]

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