The Importance of Managing Client Satisfaction in a Referral-Based Industry

client satisfaction referral based industry home trakIf you’ve operated in the home care space for long, you know referrals are a catalyst for growth in this industry – here’s how to keep clients satisfied and continually referring.

Home care is a tough line of work. Clients and their families expect the absolute finest in care, the industry is ultra-competitive, and turnover can be high among staff members. Plus, many clients don’t realize how expensive home care can be until they find themselves in need of assistance, and that can lead to a serious case of “Am I really getting what I’m paying for?”

In a business line that is highly dependent on referrals, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind to elevate customer satisfaction to increasingly higher level:

Service: It seems obvious, but truly ask yourself – “Are the services offered by my home care agency as high quality as they can be?” Better yet, utilize a robust home care management software package to survey clients, collect and catalog pertinent data points, and help in the managerial decision-making process. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small, medium, or large – service is the differentiating factor when it comes to elevating customer satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty.

Constant Promotion: Familiarity breeds loyalty! In the home care field, creating constant touchpoints with clients is quite important, and it can be accomplished by closely managing your company’s social media accounts, updating information, articles, and blogs on your website, and even hosting local events to show appreciation for your clients. Email a newsletter each week or send information out to clients and their family members or friends. Familiarity is a big part of creating loyalty in your customer base.

Identify Top Promoters: Your most ardent fans can be your biggest advocates – and today’s consumers have proven time and again that they believe in, invite, and seek out peer-to-peer feedback versus traditional ads or marketing campaigns. Use your home care management software to identify and “score” your top promoters based on their enthusiasm for your business and their propensity to use your services. “Promoters” are those who score you a 9 or 10 out of a possible 10. “Passives” might be those who rank in the 7-8 range, and “Detractors” are those who are unhappy, rank in the 0-6 range, and may damage your brand via negative word of mouth.

The Fundamentals of Client Satisfaction

The goal is to keep Promoters satisfied by offering them incentives to return – something like a loyalty discount or long term customer incentive. You can then provide return business discounts to Passives to encourage them to eventually move up into the Promoter rank.

Lastly, Detractors must be managed carefully. You should reach out to see if you can win their business by addressing their concerns directly, or offering a discount on future services. If you simply cannot win them over, discontinue the pursuit if it is pulling you away from your core business and your loyal clients.

Understanding the fundamentals of client satisfaction in the home care field can help quickly boost client loyalty and increase the number of qualified referrals you should expect to see. Strive to continually improve service levels throughout your organization, constantly promote your home care business to clients and prospects, and identify those who are your top promoters. By doing so, you’ll elevate the client experience and grow your business in no time.

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