HomeTrak Even… (Has Amazing Texting Features)

HomeTrak Texting

With mobile phones handling just about any daily task nowadays, we make sure that communicating with caregivers and scheduling shifts are no exceptions.

Let’s take a look at how the texting features built in to HomeTrak can save you time and money while vastly improving communication between caregivers and office staff.

Text Directly To A Caregiver

Send messages directly from HomeTrak – the caregivers or office staff will receive them as text messages. Send a message to one or more people. Recipients can reply to the message and the responses will show up in HomeTrak as well.

HomeTrak even…stores the message history between the office and caregivers.

Text Pending Schedules To Caregivers

When using Caregiver Suggestion to find appropriate caregivers for a schedule, you can conveniently text the selected caregivers a message offering the open schedule.

Caregivers simply reply to the text to accept or decline the schedule, instead of having to call the office.

Once a caregiver has accepted a schedule, other caregivers who were also offered the schedule will no longer be able to accept it. Caregivers also receive a text confirmation whether their action was successful.

HomeTrak even…prevents caregivers from accepting a schedule that conflicts with their existing schedules.

Text Event Reminders & Alerts

The Event Reminders feature can be used to send text reminders to a caregiver. Event Reminders may be configured to send before the start or end of a schedule and remind caregivers of upcoming events.

HomeTrak even…sends text alerts if a caregiver hasn’t clocked in for a shift through telephony or GPS Check-In.

How easy is that? Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls. Contact us today for a no-obligation demo of our software.

Existing customers – You need to be on our cloud solution to take advantage of these features, so if you’d like to talk about upgrading, please contact support and they’ll be happy to discuss the process!

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