Agency Management

Anatomy of a Care Plan

Sample Care Plan

A care plan provides a consistent and thorough way to track patient needs, denoting important health information about the client and the care required. It is meant to be completed when the client is assessed. A care plan is both narrative and task oriented. In HomeTrak, the Home/Health Evaluation is designated for informational items, while […]

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Going the Distance

According to a study by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, home care workers travel 7.88 billion miles annually to serve their patients. 7.88 billion miles! That is an astronomical number to consider. This means that home care aides, nurses, and therapists travel 21,589,041 miles per day. To put that into perspective, that […]

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10 Ways to Optimize Daily Home Care Operations

Optimize Home Care

Whether you are a newcomer to the home care industry or you run a seasoned operation that has an extensive client base, there truly is no replacement for organization, if you’re looking to optimize your business. Here are 10 unique ways to increase efficiencies and make the most of your home care business: 1. Commit […]

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How to Stay Up-to-Date with Home Care Using Technology

Using Home Care Technology

You’ve trained your home care providers on how to connect with clients, but have you thought about how much better your business could be, if you were to integrate the latest in home care technology and management software into your already successful operation? The result of doing so will likely boost your business’ bottom line […]

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Manual vs. Automated Home Care Operations: Why You Should Switch

Manual vs. Automated Home Care

Even though the home care field represents the perfect example of putting people first, there still exists a real need for better technology and automated systems to improve client experience, profitability, and service levels. With the latest advances in automation comes the real opportunity to improve all facets of the business, while simultaneously making life […]

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How to Choose a Caregiver Supervisor

Choose Caregiver Supervisor

Home care is a challenging, yet rewarding, career. The person who chooses this job path must uphold a high standard of care at all times with each person they help. It’s the job of a caregiver supervisor to ensure quality control for the agency, as well as monitoring individual caregivers who may need extra guidance […]

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5 Tips to Successfully Grow & Scale Your Home Care Business

Grow Homecare Business

Success is interpreted and measured in different ways. If you ask a business owner what the key to success is, you’d likely get a variety of responses. Create both short- and long-term goals with specific deadlines. This will help you track progress and focus on what matters most for your home care agency. When first […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing Medical Charting Software

medical charting software

A medical charting program allows home care and long term care providers to record and monitor a patient’s health information over time. Each record contains key clinical data for a patient. This may include patient demographics, past medical history, vital signs and diagnoses, progress notes, and immunization status. Agency owners, caregivers, and any authorized users […]

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Changes in Employee Costs Affecting Home Care Agencies

Changes in Employee Costs

As a home care agency owner, you certainly understand how crucial it is to stay current on new, relevant legislation to avoid potential penalties and increased operating costs. Back in December, we reminded agency owners about the upcoming Affordable Care Act requirements for agencies with over 50 employees. That mandate is now in place, as […]

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Buying a Home Care Franchise? 5 Questions to Ask

franchise purchase meeting

Franchising has a long history of being a great way to take the entrepreneurial road with the support of a larger, national organization. One of the fastest-growing areas of the franchise world is in-home non-medical care, often referred to as home care or private duty care. These businesses primarily serve the senior citizen community, offering […]

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