Going the Distance

According to a study by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, home care workers travel 7.88 billion miles annually to serve their patients.

7.88 billion miles!

That is an astronomical number to consider. This means that home care aides, nurses, and therapists travel 21,589,041 miles per day. To put that into perspective, that is equivalent to:

  • 867 times around the earth (24,901 miles)
  • 45 round trips to the moon (477,800 miles)
  • 7,465 trips across the contiguous United States at its widest point (2,892)

The previous report from 2006 estimated 4.76 billion miles traveled, almost a 40% increase over 7 years. The population continues to age and more seniors prefer to stay in their homes. Therefore, the demand for the home care industry’s services only continues to grow.

If you run a home care agency, your caregivers are traveling their fair share of those miles.

By making sure you schedule caregivers who meet client needs, you can run a leaner business. At the same time, if you schedule them to travel as little as possible, you can help reduce unnecessary mileage.

How HomeTrak Can Help

While that might sound impossible to manage, HomeTrak can take care of this for you.

HomeTrak matches clients with the right caregivers based on many different criteria, one of which is Distance and Travel.

When searching for available caregivers, the system can automatically find those who would be the best fit based on where they live, where they are traveling from, or where they are traveling next. These criteria include:

  • Caregiver has no schedule before/after this one
  • Distance from previous location/to next location
  • Amount of travel time that would be paid from previous shift/to next shift
  • Actual travel time from previous location/to next location

So instead of looking up homes on a map or unnecessarily sending caregivers across town, you can service more clients more efficiently – and save your agency some money.

By leveraging HomeTrak’s technology, you can help put a dent, however small, in those 7.88 billion miles.

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Source: NAHC

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