Get Help Hiring Home Care Workers

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Hiring home care workers is hard work. HireWise, HomeTrak’s web-based hiring system, makes it easy to accept caregiver applications and conduct interviews. Caregivers apply directly online through your company’s web site, and their applications are automatically added to the HomeTrak home care software system for you to review. Filter applications based on qualifications and find the right candidates in less time.


Use your time wisely

HireWise takes the manual work out of gathering, screening, and managing caregiver applications. Hiring home care workers becomes streamlined, efficient, and trackable.

Here’s how it works:

Create a caregiver application

Use HomeTrak’s online application system or customize your own to screen qualified applicants. Add your agency name, address, logo, and some custom text to match your company branding. Applicants will be able to see this information and apply directly online.

Get notified

Add a link to your company web site, and you are ready to accept online caregiver applications! Receive an email whenever someone submits an application so you don’t have to keep checking back to see if you have any applicants.

Track applications

Review all applications from one screen. Manage the status of your applications in our Human Resources module, and even set up a scoring system so you can prioritize the applicants who best meet your needs. Hold on to all of the applications so as your staffing needs change, you have a variety of qualified contacts readily available.

Keep interview records

As you proceed to phone and in-person interviews, you can take notes, keep record, and manage all applicant interview results within HomeTrak’s Human Resources module.



"The HomeTrak staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and responsive."

Coker Day, Owner/Founder, DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

"The HomeTrak staff gave us extensive attention to ensure the system was set up to meet our needs."

Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

"We have been using HomeTrak since the first day we started our company in July 2004."

Greg Scheck, Owner, Home Helpers, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

"Switching to HomeTrak was the best business decision we have ever made!"

A. Papa, Accounts Manager at a Home Care Agency, Lakewood, New Jersey