Billing & Payroll

young man checking a bill, a budget or a payroll, filteredError-free, headache-free billing & payroll

Running accurate billing and payroll doesn’t have to be time consuming and confusing. Our built-in checks and balances and reporting make it quick and painless. Some people know accounting like the back of their hand. To others, it can seem like a foreign language. Either way, HomeTrak’s simple, user-friendly interface makes your day-to-day billing and payroll easy and stress free.

HomeTrak Companion alerts you if something doesn’t quite add up. For example, if a caregiver has worked more or less than the scheduled hours, or is missing a payroll rate, you will see a notification that brings these types of discrepancies to your attention. The days of highlighters and pencils through weeks of timesheets and documents are over. No need to hunt around for the missing 0 or the extra Friday.


Bill the way your clients need

Billing for your services isn’t always straightforward. While sometimes it is easy as one service for one client, you know just as we do that more often than not there can be multiple payers and services that don’t quite fit the standard mold. Your time is valuable, so we created a billing system that works for you. Your home care software needs to be able to bill more than one payer depending on the client and the services provided. HomeTrak Companion handles this with ease.

Split invoices

HomeTrak Companion handles co-billing by allowing you to split an invoice between multiple payers. Easily allocate and divide line items to the correct payer and let HomeTrak take care of the rest.

Third-party billing

Whether your client, a family member, or a third party will be paying you, HomeTrak Companion can accommodate it. We understand that the person receiving the care isn’t always the one paying. That’s why HomeTrak easily allows you to bill and receive payments from multiple parties.

Overtime, overnight shifts, travel time – no problem

HomeTrak Companion handles both daily and weekly overtime seamlessly. Our built-in reports and scheduling take the guesswork out of when to pay overtime, and alert you when a caregiver reaches overtime. Your employees will appreciate the accurate paychecks, and you will appreciate the time you saved doing it.

You may operate around-the-clock. Your home care billing software needs to do that, too. HomeTrak Companion handles sleep time perfectly, so you can effortlessly bill and manage overtime for live-in caregivers and schedules going past midnight.

HomeTrak’s Travel Time Rate feature allows you to easily pay caregivers for time spent driving from one scheduled visit to the next. Simply enable this feature and HomeTrak calculates travel time automatically!


Easy export

Our home care billing software module interfaces with accounting software like QuickBooks. Easily create and export invoice batches with a few clicks. Or print directly from HomeTrak and send them on their way.

Same goes for payroll. Export your payroll data to payroll services such as ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks. We created HomeTrak Companion to work with your other software, and more importantly – with you.


Look back, then plan ahead

HomeTrak Companion has several flexible reports to analyze and review your billing and payroll data, including:

  • Total profit and margin values
  • Revenue by location
  • Overtime
  • Revenue by referral source
  • Projected revenue

Your business’ next steps rely on your previous ones. Don’t make executive decisions based on educated guesses. Use accurate data to grow your business.



"The HomeTrak staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and responsive."

Coker Day, Owner/Founder, DayBreak Adult Care Services, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

"The HomeTrak staff gave us extensive attention to ensure the system was set up to meet our needs."

Robert Hudson, Administrator, Butler County Health Department, Missouri

"We have been using HomeTrak since the first day we started our company in July 2004."

Greg Scheck, Owner, Home Helpers, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania

"Switching to HomeTrak was the best business decision we have ever made!"

A. Papa, Accounts Manager at a Home Care Agency, Lakewood, New Jersey