Client Satisfaction

Anatomy of a Care Plan

Sample Care Plan

A care plan provides a consistent and thorough way to track patient needs, denoting important health information about the client and the care required. It is meant to be completed when the client is assessed. A care plan is both narrative and task oriented. In HomeTrak, the Home/Health Evaluation is designated for informational items, while […]

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How to Improve Communication with Home Care Clients

Becoming a good communicator is an important part of cultivating powerful bonds with your home care clients – here’s how to improve your communication skills quickly! Celebrated author Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” What an appropriate quote for someone in the home care field. The […]

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A Match Made In HomeTrak

client-caregiver matching

Matching clients and caregivers requires getting to know them personally so you can make sure they will be compatible with each other. For the client to be comfortable and satisfied with the care they are receiving, the relationship must be a good fit on a personal level. You’ll also want to make sure that the […]

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The Importance of a Satisfaction Management Strategy

Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? One key way is to strategically measure and manage client satisfaction levels. It used to be that a business could simply release a product or create a service package, advertise it through traditional media channels, and then sit back and watch as natural consumer demand would drive sales. […]

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Transitioning Home Care for the Elderly During the Holidays


The holiday season is in full swing! Parties are being planned. Holiday visits scheduled. And, family members will most likely be traveling for gatherings in the upcoming days and weeks. December is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with the ones we love as we wait to welcome in a new year. For elderly […]

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How to Get Back to the Basics of Your Home Care Business

Basics of Home Care Business

All of the regulations, timekeeping procedures, employee relations issues, and technological advances of the home care industry can pull you away from the core activities required to run a successful venture and take great care of those under your care. To combat this, focus on getting back to basics by providing the best in compassionate […]

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How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Beat the Summer Heat

Help Seniors Beat Summer Heat

Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes rising temperatures and a higher level of humidity. Soak up the sunshine during these longer days and enjoy some fun summertime activities this season, but ensure the seniors you’re caring for are well protected from the heat. Follow these 10 simple tips for home care caregivers to […]

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Tips to Improve Home Care Client Intake

home care client intake

When it comes to running a home care agency, it is extremely important to get client onboarding and intake right the first time. Mistakes in these areas can be extremely costly and destroy a client’s trust in your agency. Luckily, there are some basic ways to make the intake and recordkeeping process easier and more […]

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5 Senior Mobility Aids that Every Caregiver Should Know

senior mobility aids

Reduced mobility is one of the most common problems people face as they become older. With growing health issues, many seniors find it difficult to move around the house. Regular tasks such as getting out of bed and climbing stairs become daily challenges for seniors. Fortunately, there are technologies and products that can improve senior […]

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Improving the Home Care Customer Experience

home care client satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the number one goal of any home care agency owner. A surefire way to improve client satisfaction is to work closely with your caregivers to ensure that they have all of the training and information they need to provide top-quality service. Check out these tips for providing excellent service and taking your […]

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