Anatomy of a Care Plan

Sample Care Plan

A care plan provides a consistent and thorough way to track patient needs, denoting important health information about the client and the care required. It is meant to be completed when the client is assessed. A care plan is both narrative and task oriented. In HomeTrak, the Home/Health Evaluation is designated for informational items, while […]

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5 Ways to Talk to Aging Parents about Home Care

senior parent

Your parents have been your family’s source of strength for your entire life, from birthdays to graduations, new job celebrations to family vacations. Now you’re the one who must assume a more active role in their care. This can be an uncomfortable conversation for many of us, especially if home care may truly be the […]

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How to Improve Communication with Home Care Clients

Becoming a good communicator is an important part of cultivating powerful bonds with your home care clients – here’s how to improve your communication skills quickly! Celebrated author Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” What an appropriate quote for someone in the home care field. The […]

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Going the Distance

According to a study by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, home care workers travel 7.88 billion miles annually to serve their patients. 7.88 billion miles! That is an astronomical number to consider. This means that home care aides, nurses, and therapists travel 21,589,041 miles per day. To put that into perspective, that […]

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HomeTrak Even… (Has Amazing Texting Features)

HomeTrak Texting

With mobile phones handling just about any daily task nowadays, we make sure that communicating with caregivers and scheduling shifts are no exceptions. Let’s take a look at how the texting features built in to HomeTrak can save you time and money while vastly improving communication between caregivers and office staff. Text Directly To A […]

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Home Care Vs. Care Homes: What’s the Difference

It is quite common to confuse senior home care with a nursing home, but they actually represent quite different methods of caring for seniors. According to, the average costs for long-term care in the United States (in 2010) were $6,235 per month for a semi-private room in a nursing home, working out to about […]

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Recipe for Success: Billing and Payroll in HomeTrak


For many home care agency owners, the words “billing and payroll” equal one huge monthly headache. It doesn’t have to be this way when you use HomeTrak. Especially with a feature we call Recipes. A Recipe is a configurable tool that allows you to perform multiple steps of processing a schedule through billing and payroll […]

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A Match Made In HomeTrak

client-caregiver matching

Matching clients and caregivers requires getting to know them personally so you can make sure they will be compatible with each other. For the client to be comfortable and satisfied with the care they are receiving, the relationship must be a good fit on a personal level. You’ll also want to make sure that the […]

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The Importance of Managing Client Satisfaction in a Referral-Based Industry

client satisfaction referral based industry home trak

If you’ve operated in the home care space for long, you know referrals are a catalyst for growth in this industry – here’s how to keep clients satisfied and continually referring. Home care is a tough line of work. Clients and their families expect the absolute finest in care, the industry is ultra-competitive, and turnover […]

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The Importance of a Satisfaction Management Strategy

Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition? One key way is to strategically measure and manage client satisfaction levels. It used to be that a business could simply release a product or create a service package, advertise it through traditional media channels, and then sit back and watch as natural consumer demand would drive sales. […]

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