Billing & Tracking

Recipe for Success: Billing and Payroll in HomeTrak


For many home care agency owners, the words “billing and payroll” equal one huge monthly headache. It doesn’t have to be this way when you use HomeTrak. Especially with a feature we call Recipes. A Recipe is a configurable tool that allows you to perform multiple steps of processing a schedule through billing and payroll […]

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Evaluating a Yearly Rate Increase for Your Agency

home care management software

As the New Year approaches, we all find ourselves taking stock of our lives, both personal and business, and evaluating what changes need to be made for success in 2015. For many home care agencies, this means evaluating your care rates and determining what needs to be done to increase profitability. Your yearly rate increase […]

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Helping Home Care Agencies Manage Compliance with the Affordable Care Act Employer Mandate in 2015

Navigating the Affordable Care Act

Starting January 1, 2015, many small businesses will be required to provide health insurance coverage to their full-time employees under the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate. The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate requires all businesses with over 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees to provide health insurance coverage for their full-timers, or pay a per-month “Employer […]

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The New Age of Home Care: Use Technology to Keep Pace with Change

home care software

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who first proposed that change is both central to the universe and constant. Yet, even though he identified this principle in ancient times, many of us still have trouble adapting to changes today. While change can present discomfort and the need to retool, it’s quite often a good thing. […]

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Will Your Home Care Agency Be Working Overtime to Figure Out Caregiver Overtime Pay?

Caregiver overtime

The times they are a’changing, especially within the aging care services industry. One of the biggest changes on the horizon is the caregiver wage increase, which has been hotly debated in Congress as of late, and will be a major factor in home care billing in the coming year. Home care agencies will have some […]

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Why Telephony Timekeeping May Help Home Care Agencies Retain Clients

Telephony Timekeeping

As an in-home care provider, you know that the services you provide are only effective when your clients are happy. And nothing makes for unsatisfied clients like a late caregiver or one who rushes out the door before her scheduled time with the client is up. A quality home care management software, like HomeTrak, can […]

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Increase Revenue Through Effective Office Operations & Scheduling

Increase Revenue

Competition in the home care industry is fierce these days, and many agencies are looking for ways to improve efficiencies and increase income. While there are many ways to go about this, most agencies need to first look inside the office. There are often plenty of inefficiencies within your office operations and scheduling system that […]

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Stay Flexible: Reporting That Works For You


Being flexible is an asset, most especially in the home care industry. Your clients’ needs and your caregivers’ schedules are ever changing, which means that agencies and caregivers must remain flexible in order to meet the requests and needs of the clients. You often hear us tout the flexibility in scheduling that makes HomeTrak the […]

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Department of Labor Issues Final Regulations on Companionship Exemption Effective January 1, 2015

—’H˜ome Care Companion

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued final rules effective on January 1, 2015 that eliminates the Companionship and Live-In Exemptions for agencies. The final rule includes several significant changes such as: The tasks that comprise “companionship services” are more clearly defined; The exemptions for companionship services and live-in domestic service employees are limited […]

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Say “Hello!” to Opportunity: Properly Tracking Home Care Inquiries

inquiry calls

With the dramatic growth of the aging population in America and the decision of the majority of older adults to age in place at home, it’s likely that many home care agencies have noticed an increase in client and referral inquiries. Being prepared for this influx of calls is crucial. Not only HANDLING inquiries appropriately, […]

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