Anatomy of a Care Plan

Sample Care Plan

A care plan provides a consistent and thorough way to track patient needs, denoting important health information about the client and the care required. It is meant to be completed when the client is assessed.

A care plan is both narrative and task oriented. In HomeTrak, the Home/Health Evaluation is designated for informational items, while the Duties to Perform section is for specific caregiver responsibilities. The comprehensive care plan management functionality in HomeTrak helps to ensure accurate recordkeeping and tracking of your client’s progress and treatment.

What’s in a care plan?

Components of a care plan in HomeTrak include:

  • Profile – This section is for the client’s name, contact information, and any notes related to their address, such as directions or how to access a security system.
  • Home/Health Evaluation – Informational items that describe the client’s health or condition are recorded here. These are important items regarding the client. Examples include allergies, dietary restrictions, and functional limitations.
  • Duties to Perform – Schedule duties such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and personal care to be performed on specific days, or on an as-needed basis.
  • Medication – Record information about medications the client is taking, including dosage and frequency. If caregivers dispense medication to the client as part of their care, using the care plan to record accurate information about the medications required is very important to prevent errors.
  • Skills – These are skills required by a caregiver to work with the client, such as being able to operate a Hoyer lift or being trained in caring for patients with dementia.
  • Characteristics – These are descriptive items attached to a person to describe personality traits, likes, or dislikes.

Care Plan Report & Form 485

HomeTrak’s Care Plan Report consolidates all client information relevant to the client’s plan of care. When printing the Care Plan Report, you can choose which sections and details to include on the printed report. This reporting capability allows you to easily provide updates to clients and their families.

HomeTrak also has a Form 485 tool. You can use this tool to populate information for the US Medicaid Form 485 for a client.

To learn more about HomeTrak’s care plan management features and schedule a demo, please contact us today!

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